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29 Jul 2018

The Law, the iPhone and Facial Recognition - Part II

eye-Phone: Legal Issues about Apple's New Facial Recognition  Feature – Part II The ever-changing technology the law is always trying to keep up its pace as now the interaction of law and technology is more critical than ever. The ungoverned technology is a danger to the society if drones are flying…

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Lawyers in Dubai
14 Jun 2018

UAE Social Media Regulations and its Impact on Influencers

The Life and Time of Social Media We have entered into a time where people frequent on of social and electronic media as much as they breathe in and out. Our reliance on these platforms grows as quickly as the number of platforms available. This rapid growth of electronic media…

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10 May 2018

Electronic evidence in the UAE and KSA (Part I of II)

Admissibility of electronic evidence in the UAE and KSA (Part 1 of 2) Technology has changed the world in its totality in such a short time. It has indeed become an integral part of the everyday lives of so many. Today we see it incorporated into nearly everything we do.…

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09 May 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation

  GDPR COMPLIANT OR NOT? Introduction On 25 May 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) will come into effect in European Union. It is the most significant transformation to the landscape of European data protection in the past twenty years. Upon the enactment of new GDPR law, all the…

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Lawyers in Dubai
08 May 2018

Digital platforms and Their Terms of Use

Digital platforms, Ecommerce Marketplace and their terms of use: Does it matter? The many digital platforms are transforming almost every industry today; it is swiftly becoming apparent that the similar looking terms of use and privacy policies currently applicable may not provide new entrepreneurs or platform users with an adequate…

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Lawyers in Sharjah
24 Apr 2018

Copyright and Apps

Ping!You got a Notification*   “Internet is a place where nothing ever dies.” A touch is all you need to show the world your piece of art and to be liked by the viewers. Facebook posts, Instagram new filters improving your images, Snapchat 10 seconds stories to score social kudos.…

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Technology Law Firm in Dubai
31 Jul 2017

Are You App Safe?

Are You App Safe? “People have forgotten this truth," the fox said. "But you mustn’t forget it. You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose.”  - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry It was in the land of far away, and serenity paraded green landscapes, flowers, dew, rain…

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Technology Lawyers in Dubai
30 Apr 2017

Privacy; a Price Paid for Technology?

Privacy, a Price Paid for Technology? "The difference between Technology and Slavery is that slaves are well aware that they are not free." - Naseem Nicholas Taleb   A study conducted in July 2016 revealed that a significant number of people agreed to the terms of service of a fake…

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