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The nation of the Maldives consists of a number of islands in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka, with a high annual tourist population of approximately 1.2 million. The tourism sector accounts for a large portion of the country’s GDP of USD 3 billion, which has been growing at a steady rate over the past decade.

With liberalized trade and investment policies, the Maldives has seen significant foreign investment. While the main areas of foreign investment have tended toward hotel and resort management, there are significant rates of investments in telecommunication, accounting, banking, manufacturing, to name a few. These diversified fields are both driven by, and help drive, tourism allowing both companies as well as the nation to flourish simultaneously. The Ministry of Economic Development has done well to stimulate foreign investments by providing incentives, ranging from complete foreign ownership, to tax rates which do not differ from domestic taxpayers at a modest rate of 15% annually.

These factors, in whole, make the Maldives’ tourist-based economy an ideal location for investment. The government of the Maldives has also begun extensive privatization projects, providing an easy pathway for foreign companies to invest in the Maldives in a well-organized manner.

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