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Mauritius has transformed its economy from a low income, agricultural based economy to a diversified economy over the past few decades. The economy of Mauritius is one of the fastest growing economies in the Sub-Saharan Africa. In recent years, the country has developed into a sophisticated and diversified service sector. The country has transformed a well established It still continues to be a regional leader in economic freedom. The economy of this island benefits greatly from a sound and transparent legal framework that institutionalizes and supports the rule of law. Further, the country boasts one of the largest exclusive economic zones in the world. This has acted as a powerful magnet for the international community to invest substantial amount of resources into the Mauritian market place.

The Government has ensured doing business in and from Mauritius is both easy and smooth, and complies with best practices in terms of transparency, good governance and ethics. The relatively low cost of professional services coupled with an excellent level of service and favourable time zone that facilitates to incorporate business activities worldwide easily. Regulatory efficiency and the surfeit of commercial resources have always worked in the favour of the abundant investors that flood to this developing nation each other. The combination of all these factors contributes to the positioning of Mauritius as a well-known hub for investors.


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Global Company Formation