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Pakistan is the fastest-growing Muslim economy across the globe today. The country’s economy is semi-industrialized, with centers of growth along the Indus River. Pakistan has been meeting and exceeding its targets in various business sectors in the past few decades; these sectors include construction, manufacturing, retail sales, and agriculture. With a massive diaspora of highly qualified Pakistani executives and an adequate reserve of domestic talent, investing in Pakistan has entered a sustained and rewarding phase by attracting many investors.

The Pakistan government has believed in a liberal and private sector-driven economy. Constant efforts are aimed at ensuring an ideal business environment for the private sector as governments are not meant to do business. When the private sector is adequately facilitated, business benefits reach out to people. The government has also taken initiatives to bring improvements in every area of the economy, including the development of mega-hydropower projects, rail and road infrastructure, education and health.

Pakistan is home to a liberal policy on repatriation for foreign direct investors; therefore, investing in Pakistan will give a foreign direct investor many advantages. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that real estate agents universally recommend the nation as a competitive location for the business set up and investment. Naturally, larger, more developed cities are seen to provide quicker profit from investment plans readily, however, in recent times this concept has been altered by smaller cities like Pakistan whose rural locations have become profitable and thriving investment hubs. Towns and municipalities like Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and Muree are seen as dynamic regions for longer-term strategies and investments.


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