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Bahrain- Proposed Advertisement Law Reforms

Bahrain- Proposed Advertisement Law Reforms

The Government of Bahrain has proposed to lay down new laws and guidelines amending advertisement laws currently in existence for 48 years. The legislation, so introduced shall immediately repeal and replace the Advertisement Law of 1973.

The new Law's introduction aims to curb offensive adverts and impose stringent penalties on violators. Further, the law aims to lay down guidelines for advertisements, including electronic billboards, banners and other innovative displays to keep up with changing technology, considering that the old law fails to keep up with the same.

The revamped Law shall provide authorities with more control over the types of ads displayed, subsequently allowing municipalities to gain more revenue in this elevated advertisement market. The role of advertisements on a global level is to contribute economically to several sectors. The new law aims to capture these sectors by placing reliance on concepts such as electronic billboards and innovative displays. Furthermore, introducing a new law plays a significant role in keeping administrative and legal action at par with technical and moral changes.

Once the law goes through a parliamentary review, the final version of the proposed law shall be made available to the public.



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