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Texas to Introduce Variety of Laws and Amendments

Texas to Introduce Variety of Laws and Amendments


The US is a vast nation in terms of both land area and also population. This scale means that the regulatory structure of the country is very open in specific areas, and the individual states have a considerable level of autonomy. As such, laws and rules in one state may not exist or may vary significantly in other states, and changes arise regularly.

Different states are known to introduce their latest legislation changes to varying points throughout the year, and we are arriving at the time when specific states are doing so. The changes brought about cover a variety of topic.

The state of Texas will soon introduce a considerable number of new regulations and also amendments during the upcoming days. There are a significant number of minor changes, though there are also a few more notable ones. The changes can be summarised as follows.

New Legislations

One of the regulations relates to a tobacco product purchase. Currently, the minimum age requirement for one to purchase such products is 18, though this will receive a raise to 21. The products include cigarettes, e-cigarettes and any other tobacco products. Failure to comply with this change will result in a fine of up to $500.

A ban will also be removed for the carrying of brass knuckles and other such similar self-defence items. These are often illegal in most other states, though this is set to change through the new HB 446.

Another regulation (HB 234) will also protect ‘Pint-Sized entrepreneurs’. Children under the age of 18 will be able to sell non-alcoholic drinks from stands on private property with no problem or repercussions.

These regulations are not all set to introduce at the same time. While some will enter into effect immediately, others will arrive by the start of the New Year.