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Debt Collection Capability  

If you’re a business owner, you may have encountered many clients/customers who have failed to pay for services, products that you provide for their benefits. You may also have met complications involved in collecting those outstanding debts yourself.

Such problems occur due to several reasons. The most common are:  

  • Lack of responsive communications
  • Unfamiliar with the right collection measures
  • Unaware of the law of the land
  • Having no contact with the right debt collection attorneys

In such a case, you may end up giving up collecting your past due accounts.

However, if you find a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, collecting past dues can be a hassle-free experience.


Creditors hate when those in debt dodge their phone calls, and debtors dread hearing from collectors looking for money.

If you’re in either situation, you may seek help from a legal professional like us.

What Do We Do?

As a leading law firm, we have a team of experienced and talented debt collection attorneys who act for and represent secured and unsecured creditors, debtors, equity holders, trustees, and suppliers. You can engage our team as settlement experts for debt collection Dubai and settle the issues. Unlike your existing consultants and representatives, we can extract you from expensive, cumbersome, and complicated litigation.

Our lawyers can represent you whether you are a debtor or a creditor. They can set out strategies and come up with smart solutions to either get back the money you have loaned or protect you from overeager creditors. In both the cases, they can handle all the paperwork for you or represent you in the court.  

Primarily, we prefer considering settlement options to resolve debt collection issues. For this, our experts adopt a unique approach and explore settlement avenues after carefully reviewing and understanding the following situation:

  • The position of each party
  • Nature of claim involved
  • Ascertaining the degree of the breach
  • Determining the strategy in the interest of our distressed clients

At STA, our legal experts are committed to providing the debt collection assistance and recovering your outstanding dues by paying careful attention to every matter, discussing strategies with a specialized team. Don’t worry where you are; we can assist you in debt collection in Dubai and the UAE.

When Do You Need Us?

Whether you're a creditor or a debtor, you can call us in the following situation:

For a debtor - You can contact us when you are in debt, and the creditor is frequently calling your workplace and home. You can contact us if you are unable to pay back loans at present, and the creditor is threatening you of the lawsuit, or mistreating you. Besides, you can also seek our help if you tend to reduce or eliminate debts through a comprehensive debt settlement program and avoid debt collectors.

For a creditor - Besides these, get in touch with us if you need repayment for a debt, and the debtor is not paying you. Our debt attorney can help you figure out your best course of action to get your money back. You can contact us if you want to hire an attorney who can work solely for creditors and can help you regain your money.

What can you expect at the initial meeting with us?

At your initial meeting, you may talk to our best lawyers. You can ask questions and evaluate whether the attorney is suitable for you or not.  To each initial consultation, we advise you to carry all the lawsuit papers and other paperwork you have related to your debt. These papers may include correspondence or statements you received from the creditor or any collection agencies.

During your initial meeting with us, we would like to ask you some questions such as how old the debt is, what the loan amount you applied for and the credit account on which it is based. Besides, we can also discuss with you the behavior of the collectors you have encountered, and other facts that can help us decide soon what strategy we should pursue. We also figure out if you have any real defenses that might reduce the amount you owe or even cause the creditor to drop the suit.

Moreover, we can also ask about your other debts to determine whether or not it will be more practical to consider a more comprehensive solution like a bankruptcy or debt settlement program. Not only this, but we also give you the opportunity to ask questions to us and determine whether or not we can help you out.


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