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STA Law Firm in Bahrain: We will help you understand your Rights!

We at STA Law Firm are located in the West Tower of Manama from where we provide advice on banking, corporate and commercial matters, litigation and dispute resolution, real estate and construction, together with providing valuable advice to private individuals.

So if you are searching for lawyers in Bahrain, look no further than STA Law Firm- a law firm that takes the long view. We possess wide range of skills and experience across the full spectrum of business and personal requirements. And this further gives us a wider perspective, clear understanding and a strong commercial long-term insight. And this is the reason Fortune 200 companies find our more considered and personal approach a refreshing alternative to conventional business law firms.

Over the years, we at STA Law Firm have established strategic relationships with leading regional and international law firms, and we consistently provide them with local legal opinions that are necessary to close many of the financial deals being undertaken in Bahrain.


Why STA Law Firm? Why not any other Firm?

Right from basic legal matters to more complicated ones, our experienced and professional Lawyers in Bahrain steel themselves by putting their expertise and skills in strategizing our client’s benefit. Our diverse learning backgrounds and extensive work experience imparts us with a wide range of flexibility, thus enabling us to provide reliable services in a wide variety of cases. When it comes to legal matters and proceedings, you cannot stand a chance to hire any other law firm other than STA Law Firm. And here’s why:


  • Quality of Service by successfully solving even the most intricate matters.
  • Lawyers at STA Law Firm possess valid license to practice law not only in the UAE, but also across Asia.
  • STA Law Firm holds a proven track record of success and utmost commitment to serving our clients best interests.
  • Building long-term relationships with clients.


STA Law Firm and its lawyers in Bahrain has a commitment both to quality and to justice, and is constantly developing new areas of expertise and provides a full range of skills for individuals, organizations and institutions.