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Field agents have the right to claim fuel and parking costs incurred in UAE

Field agents have the right to claim fuel and parking costs incurred in UAE

An employee should be aware of the terms of an employment contract, particularly with regards to salary and allowances, before signing it.  Article 8 (2) of the Employment Law, states that the employee, or his representative, can prove the employment contract, the remuneration, and the other rights he is entitled to receive under the provisions of this Decree-Law and its Executive Regulations and implementing resolutions by any means of proof.

The abovesaid provision of law is clarified and explained in Article 10(1) of the Cabinet Resolution No.1 of 2022 stating that subject to the provisions of Article 8 of the Employment Law, the employment contract will mainly contain the name and address of the Employer, the name, nationality, and date of birth of the employee, document to prove his identity, his qualification, position, date of joining, place of work, working hours, days of rest, probationary period, if any, the duration of the contract, the agreed remuneration including benefits and allowances, the period of annual leave entitlement, the period of notice, the terms for termination of Employment Contract and any other details approved by the Ministry necessary to regulate the relations between the parties.

Based on the above-mentioned provisions of law, if the employment contract does not specify car fuel and parking allowances under other allowances. A request to the employer has to be made to provide stating that you are entitled to the same if incurred during the course of the employment. If the employer does not pay the same, a complaint can be filed with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation against your employer. If the matter is not settled amicably then same may be referred to court.