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Intellectual Property – Trademark Registration in UAE

Content, ideas, logos, trade names, brand identification, manufacturing processes, trade secrets, music, art – all of these key business assets are established as intellectual property, and all of them are an important part of any business. We at STA Law Firm in UAE are pragmatic, creative, capable, and experienced in finding outstanding opportunities and mechanisms to protect your intellectual property. We specialize in Trademark Registration in Dubai, Patent Registration in UAE, Licensing, Trademark Search, Trademark Prosecution, Assignment matters, and more. Some of our services are:

We respect our creative, innovative, and valuable clients and appreciate that intellectual property and freedom of operation from IP claims is at the heart of their businesses. We also believe that intellectual property needs to be clarified so that all our clients can make strong business decisions with regard to their most important business assets. Our lawyers of Trademark Registration in UAE provide understandable and practical options to protect intellectual assets to meet your needs and expectations.  

STA Law Firm specializes in handling a wide variety of concerns related to the handling of your intellectual property. Our team of property lawyers can make a huge difference in the protection of your ideas and invention receives. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive Trade Mark Registration Dubai service by combining the skills of our commercial and litigation lawyers with integrated patent and trademark attorneys who can advice you on how to register a trademark in Dubai.

Feel free to get in touch with us to avail our legal services for your legal concerns. Contact our intellectual property lawyers for quick assistance.


  • Trademark counseling and registration
  • Protection of Trade Secrets
  • Copyright Counseling and Registration
  • Exploration of patent potential and facilitation of patent application
  • Licensing of all types of intellectual property rights
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Endorsement contracts
  • Music, art, literary matters
  • Litigation and counseling

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