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Dubai to Launch World's First Centralized Digital Platform for Remote Legal Proceedings

Dubai to Launch World's First Centralized Digital Platform for Remote Legal Proceedings

In a pioneering move, Dubai is set to revolutionize its justice system with the introduction of a centralized, digital platform designed to streamline remote investigations and court hearings. Announced on Thursday, the Dubai Public Prosecution (DPP) has partnered with a tech solutions provider to develop this groundbreaking project, scheduled for completion by 2026.

The innovative platform promises to deliver a unified investigation and litigation system accessible remotely, marking a significant leap in judicial efficiency and processing speed. Managed by the DPP, this centralized hub will integrate systems from key government entities, including the Dubai Courts, Dubai Police, and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Key features of the platform include centralized storage and archiving, secure digital storage for all case-related documents and evidence, and the ability to schedule remote interviews and reserve spaces across multiple locations such as police stations, prisons, courts, and DPP investigation rooms. It also aims to enhance communication among prosecutors, lawyers, translators, witnesses, and other involved parties, and ensure high-quality audio-visual communication while maintaining stringent confidentiality and privacy standards.

The project's progress includes initial steps involving strategic partnerships and the setup of state-of-the-art investigation rooms. The focus is on establishing and equipping the central operations room with cutting-edge technologies.

This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency of investigation and litigation processes, improve justice delivery with an emphasis on speed, accuracy, and integrity, and ensure operational resilience during crises.

The tech solutions provider emphasized the transformative potential of the platform, stating their goal to equip the DPP with a state-of-the-art platform that enhances operational capabilities and overall efficiency, accessibility, and quality of services. This collaboration marks a significant step towards realizing a more accessible, efficient, and progressive vision of the law in an interconnected and rapidly evolving world.

Dubai's new digital platform represents a significant advancement in the global legal landscape, positioning the emirate at the forefront of judicial innovation.