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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

STA Law Firm is home to the best criminal lawyers in Dubai and the UAE. When one is facing criminal charges or any other high value, complex litigation matter, it is critical to ensure your representative legal team has the right capabilities. We are proud to be considered as an ideal choice for handling the legal concerns of individuals and corporations in Dubai in an expert manner.

Our broad range of expertise and skill in developing and presenting a case to its fullest potential allows us to provide the most comprehensive legal advice to our clients.

Strategically Effective Litigation Services

As the best criminal lawyers in Abu Dhabi, our legal skill and expertise encompass a broad range of criminal charges. We offer a seasoned team of highly experienced attorneys who can provide both qualified and specialized legal services benefiting each case. Our litigation practices include real estate disputes, energy business matters, business setup in the UAE, commercial transactions, construction disputes, and criminal law matters. We also provide representation for legal concerns involving franchise, shipping, and maritime litigation, banking and insurance, and criminal matters including prosecution and trial.

Our approach to litigation does not always involve an adversarial direction, and whenever possible, we advise a pragmatic stance that will likely attain the most desired outcome. We assist national and multinational corporations with resolving their business disputes while ensuring that their rights are always fully protected.

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