Welcome to STA Law Firm, one of the best Law Firms in UAE.

STA Law Firm specializes in providing an overall solution for the full range of client’s legal needs – right from entry into the country and establishing legal status, to advising on corporate transactions, setting up a new business, or concluding employment arrangements, to advising clients of need in their personal affairs.

Our professionals are legal experts with qualifications obtained from several international jurisdictions. Their training and experience enable our Top Lawyers in Abu Dhabi to deliver a high standard of advice along with legal expertise in every case.

What makes us different from others is that, apart from being experienced and knowledgeable in the legal industry, we recognize that what ultimately matters to each client is the outcome of their case. We make it our business to set and handle realistic expectations.

With a team of Top Best Lawyers in Dubai, we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal services in every area of the law, including corporate laws, commercial laws, real estate laws, engineering and construction, insurance and reinsurance, aviation and trade energy law, banking and finance, and the list goes on.

Being one of the Best Law Firms in Abu Dhabi, we are always available to serve Fortune 200 companies' needs in the areas of company formation, patent and trademark registration, business setup, and more. We also have Online Lawyers in Dubai who specialize in commercial, criminal, corporate, and civil law. We are responsible for handling routine business matters and more complex subjects with equal skills and strategies. We believe and strive to serve you with the highest possible level of care, and a person-to-person etc.

One of the Best Law Firms in Dubai – STA Law Firm offers our clients with clear and practical advice on all legal issues and matters in a friendly and accessible way. Get in touch for quick assistance and advice.

Advisory Jurisdictions

Middle East: UAE, Qatar (Doha), Bahrain and Oman
Asia: India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
Europe: UK, Austria, France, Sweden and Portugal


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