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Employment Law in Dubai

STA houses a dedicated team of employment lawyers who have assisted numerous governmental, semi-governmental and private entities on various employment matters. We have secured significant and landmark precedents in the employment arena. Leading companies and multinationals turn to us for help and assistance in avoiding the courts in the first place. Our employment lawyers liaise and co-ordinate with our in-house teams to carry out necessary investigations, documentation review, due diligence, and audits where necessary.  
We assist clients on various aspects of employment law to ensure that companies can conduct their activities without any internal issues. Our employment practice includes advising clients on legal matters and validity of employment contracts and other related schedules such as non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. We also counsel firms in dealing with fraud detection, misconduct, and policy violations. Our team also provides necessary assistance and solutions in matters involving crisis management and crisis-avoidance. Our team also advises on avoiding any reputational damage and unforeseen legal consequences.  
Apart from our general employment practice, we also assist companies in drafting internal policies, labor contracts, employee manual and non-compete & non-disclosure agreements. We also have thorough knowledge and considerable experience in supporting companies with corporate policies and conducting due diligence (both in UAE and abroad) on the legal status of new recruits from other countries. We approach each employment matter distinctively and try to understand the client’s business, their commercial objectives and issue at hand before proposing any solutions. 
Our clients appreciate this practical approach and this, in turn, has led to several profound and long-term relationships wherein our clients value and regard us as their trusted partners who add significant value to their businesses.
Our employment lawyers in Dubai and overseas provide a broad spectrum of legal and corporate assistance to companies ranging from regular employment issues to managing employee relations in large projects that involve a colossal workforce managing different job profiles. Our astute lawyers are well conversant with the changing laws and compliance measures that are implemented by the authorities. Our team of employment lawyers in Abu Dhabi and globally have also assisted various clients in restructuring the workforce and advising on the legalities of termination and labor bans. Our Dubai Law Firm and overseas offices have represented and acted for numerous companies and employees in matters ranging from arbitrary termination and non-competition to protecting business secrets and confidential employee data.

Maintain a Compliant Working Environment

At STA, we remain up-to-date on all factions of employment law in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates (including each free zone). We offer current and critical tips and guidance on a variety of different employment law topics. In today's competitive market, it is essential to maintain a positive reputation for employee treatment and employee relations in every corporate environment. We aim to provide the guidance and assistance you can depend on from the most professional, credible, and competent team of lawyers Dubai and the UAE have to offer.

Our Employment Law Services Include:

  • Data Protection - We offer legal and procedural advice on data protection laws in the UAE.
  • Company Procedures - We provide guidance on safety policies and employment practices.
  • Employment Contracts - Assistance with drafting, vetting, and reviewing employment contracts.
  • Non-Compete - Advising on non-competition provisions within employment contracts.
  • DIFC Law - Advice on a fair and lawful treatment of employees within the DIFC legal framework.

With the knowledge and in-depth practice area expertise provided by our lawyers, you can expect to receive practical and timely responses to all of your employment law matters.

Please contact us to let us know how we can assist you with your legal concerns.



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