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Abu Dhabi Global Market opens first Digital Courtroom

Abu Dhabi Global Market opens first Digital Courtroom

On 9th, December 2018 the ADGM, internationally recognized independent judicial body opened it’s the fully digital Courtroom. The Courtroom is located in one of the main building in Maryah Island. This is considered one of the first innovative and fully digital courtrooms in the world. Similarly, Lawyers and legal community consider it as a revolution in the legal system.

The new courtroom distinguishes from ordinary courtrooms and the look itself is innovative and impressive. Leading authorities, law firms, and the legal community were invited for the successful opening ceremony. H.E. Ahmed Al Sayegh, UAE Minister of State and Chairman of ADGM thanked with a statement to all the judicial department for their effort and support for the establishment of this courtroom.

The courtroom intents to provide the parties with access to their digital court files, electronic filing options, case management and evidence bundle within real time. The efficiency from the courtroom will encourage the lawyers and parties to the case to contribute and enjoy transparency of the cases conducted in the courtroom. One of the primary objects is to remove the hard copy from the system. Therefore, the efficiency will be very high with the use of technology. Every document intended to be soft. Which means that all the documents will be saved in the system as well. Making it easier for the judges, lawyers, and the parties. Similarly, the screens fixed in front of all the audience provide real-time clarification for everyone in the courtroom about the document or subject matter in the discussion.

The electronic filling provides parties with the option to file documents from anywhere around the world at any time of the day. Also, an easy payment system for the same. Enabling the system open for all the parties with the option to file their documents regardless of whether they are in the UAE or outside. As much as the filing takes time in a case, another reason for the court system to delay the judgment is unnecessary times spent on case management conferences. With the updated system the case management conference can be conducted electronically between the parties. Also, the lawyers can serve the documents using this as well. Saving immense of time and costs.