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Beginning July 5, Canada will Relax Travel Restrictions

Beginning July 5, Canada will Relax Travel Restrictions

As a result of the successful deployment of COVID-19 vaccines across Canadian provinces, Canada announced the first phase of lifting border restrictions on Monday. Travelers who are completely vaccinated and qualified will no longer be required to quarantine at a government-designated hotel as of July 5.

However, only Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and individuals covered by the Indian Act are currently permitted to travel. The limitations on citizens of other countries, including the United States, have been extended until July 21, except for non-essential travel. Only four Canadian airports permit foreign flights at the moment: Montréal-Trudeau, Toronto-Pearson, and Calgary.

These cuts come after Canada met its immunization objectives, with 75 percent of Canadians receiving a partial vaccine. Travelers who provides fake vaccination information, on the other hand, face severe consequences.

Similarly, under the Quarantine Act, a person who provides false information about vaccination status might face a fine of up to $750,000 or six months in prison, or both, as well as criminal prosecution under the Criminal Code for forgery.


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