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Bahrain Introduces New Cryptocurrency Regulation

Bahrain Introduces New Cryptocurrency Regulation


Bahrain is a crucial GCC nation which has risen to prominence in recent decades as a global powerhouse. One of the areas that are unique to Bahrain is that it was the first post-oil economy in the region. The country itself does not have the same levels of oil and similar natural resources to its neighbors. As such, it has diversified into the tourism and banking sectors.

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new concept and moving into the future, their impacts may grow on the world, and being at the forefront could yield significant advantage to whoever takes the correct steps. Bahrain as a global banking hub is in an optimal position to achieve just this.

In consideration of this, the Bahrain Central Bank has recently produced and approved of new regulations concerning cryptocurrencies, and what they involve can be summarised as follows.

Bahrain Central Bank Regulation

The Central Bank of Bahrain has recently approved of a new governing regulation which covers many aspects of cryptocurrencies from licensing to control of the authorities. There are many areas to consider due to the unique nature of the currency form.

Exchanges who deal with cryptocurrencies will have to obtain licenses to continue these activities, and this will also ensure they do not intend to manipulate the market or breach conflict of interest in any way.

The primary purpose of the regulation is to secure and enforce compliance among the critical organizations in the country.

For authorities to control the cryptocurrency growth within their nations, laws must be adequate and up to the task; this new introduction in Bahrain looks to do just that.