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Personal Medicine Import into UAE Approval

Personal Medicine Import into UAE Approval


Medication and drugs are a crucial innovation of the last few centuries and are among the most impactful and essential areas of research and development in human history. All of the hard work and study can be seen every day, most commonly in the small tablets almost every person owns. There are numerous types of legal drugs around the world, and they aid in all areas ranging from heartburn to headaches.

However, drugs have a variety of uses, and not all forms of drugs are legal. Instead, there are large numbers that can be harmful and are strictly prohibited.

While these are two ends of a spectrum, there are also drugs which are legal in certain countries, and yet prohibited in others. This distinction has arisen in the UAE. People often travel with certain personal medications, the most common of which sometimes do not even require prescriptions.

Thus to deal the matter of medicines being brought into the country by tourists and expats, the UAE has recently introduced a new online system for individuals traveling into the country to obtain approval to carry in with them their medication.

Import of Personal Medication Service

To be allowed entry into the UAE with one’s medicine, getting approval is first necessary. The process has been made available online, as most thing nowadays are found there. There is a form found online on the Ministry of Health’s website, and following the submission of this, one shall obtain either approval or rejection from the Ministry of Health.

The process of completing the form is relatively straightforward, though there will be specific documents which will also require submission. The approval process usually will take no more than one day.

The process is primarily only required for prescription medication, as numerous forms of medicine may be obtained over the shelf and have no accompanying paperwork. For prescription drugs, the prescription needs submitting alongside the form document, as well as passport details of the individual traveling and a confirmation of the duration of the stay. Medication considered as supervised in the UAE will be allowed a month-long entry into the country for the individual, while any other prescription medication will receive a three-month allowance.

Any medication not approved of before entry into the country or drugs that do not qualify all of the above criteria will require seizing from the individual at their gate of entry.