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UK Tenancy Regulation Amendment for Eviction

UK Tenancy Regulation Amendment for Eviction


Renting property is a crucial and important part of a considerable number of people’s lives. In the UK, just under 40% of people rent at this point in time, though only around 20% rent privately. This includes individuals and families.

People who rent properties must take into consideration numerous factors that landlords would not have to. One of the most worrying and concerning issues for tenants is that, since the properties are not truly their own, the landlord may provide them with notice to vacate the properties at any time. A notice period of around two months is generally required, though very little reason is required on the part of the landlord before they may make this request.

This type of eviction may soon be prohibited though. A place to live is a major commitment that require making, and the search could take a considerable period of time. As such, the UK is looking to introduce regulations and limitations on the matter of eviction of tenants.

Ample Reason and Ample Consideration

Currently, a landlord may order a tenant to vacate their property through the issuing a section 21 notice. This will require an eight week notice and, though a reason does not need to be provided to make the notice fair.

The new regulation looks to prevent this from happening and a reason should be provided for the eviction. Of course, the property still belongs to the landlord, and so the reasons could be as simple as the landlord wishing to move into their property, or the tenants causing issues.

The overall goal of this change is to ensure that tenants have a greater level of protection and the system of evictions is fair and just.