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Unified contract to start being used in the last quarter of 2018

Unified contract to start being used in the last quarter of 2018

Lawyers in Abu DhabiThere has been an electronic rental project launched in Saudi Arabia to facilitate rental agreements for both residential and commercial rentals. The idea behind this new platform and unified contracts are to promote electronic payments and minimize disputes.

This new project was launched jointly by the ministries of housing and justice, and the implications of such are that real estate brokers across Saudi Arabia must provide a unified rental agreement in the e-ejar network as an approved contract and an administrative document.

The authorities launched this network with the intention to facilitate the rental process between tenants, landlords, and real estate brokers which will minimize disputes and find quick solutions to related disputes.

Landlord and tenants alike will be able to access the network at an approved real estate brokerage office. The authorities have provided that such unified rental agreement will positively affect the legal sector as it will mainly minimize the influx of cases related to the rental industry. 

The purpose of the contract as provided by the Minister of Justice is to streamline relations and responsibility limits between the contractual parties through its authentication via the electronic network.