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USA: New Pennsylvania Legislation will Save Tax Dollars

USA: New Pennsylvania Legislation will Save Tax Dollars

The passing of three new bills in Pennsylvania is designed to boost intergovernmental cooperation to save money for taxpayers.

Representative Paul Schemel stated “House Bills 510, 511 and 512 make it easier, faster and less costly for municipalities, municipal utilities and school districts to work together. This kind of cooperation on projects serves to save taxpayers money while encouraging local governments to work more closely together.”

The bills were motivated by the conversations Schemel had with Washington Township on the difficulties faced by the existing law by township officials. The old law made sharing funds with neighbouring municipalities difficult for the municipality.

The legislation eliminates the necessity for a city to adopt an ordinance, enabling a local resolution instead. This system provides a simplified framework for local government funding and cooperation. The new legislation revised the rules of intergovernmental cooperation. They allow local authorities to make joint purchases, work together on projects such as road resurfacing and share resources without first having to pass individual orders. The old path is a system that could cost thousands of dollars over one or two months.

The new legislation saves both time and money and ensures that the local government works efficiently and effectively.