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Legal Updates - Page- 6

12 Nov 2020

UAE: Employment and Immigration Laws

UAE: Employment and Immigration Laws The UAE has relaxed the rules regarding Tourist Visas as part of their Expo 2020 objective. The Prime Minster of UAE announced in January 2020 that the time limit of the multi entry visit tourist visa shall be increased from 90 days, to a period…

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10 Nov 2020

UAE-Family Law Amendments

UAE: Family Law Amendments The UAE government has recently introduced new amendments in the area of family law and other spheres concerning people’s daily life. These amendments aim to reform laws related to divorce and inheritance, alcohol consumption, suicides and also aims to introduce stricter punishments for harassment of women.…

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09 Nov 2020

Dubai: Fractional Title Deed

Dubai: Fractional Title Deed The Dubai Land Department announced an initiative to implement a fractional title ownership regime with the aim to attract investors in the hospitality industry as well as other small investors to the Emirate. A fractional title deed basically entails division of an individual property into either…

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05 Nov 2020

Income Tax Law Oman

Oman: Royal Decree 118/2020 amending provisions of the Income Tax Law On 26th November 2019, Oman signed several international agreements regarding tax, the agenda behind these agreements was to facilitate ease of information exchange in the realm of tax. Thereafter, significant changes were brought about in the Income Tax Law…

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03 Nov 2020

Unified Tax Procedures Law introduced by Egypt

Unified Tax Procedures Law introduced by Egypt Law No. 206 of 2020 was published in Egypt’s Official Gazette on 19th October 2020 which introduced consolidated tax procedures for the assessment and collection of tax. These are applicable for income tax, stamp tax, state development tax, value-added tax and any other…

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02 Nov 2020

Customs Notice Number 17/2020: Procedures for Clearance of Goods Consumed within Free zones

Customs Notice Number 17/2020: Procedures for Clearance of Goods Consumed within Free zones Dubai Customs issued a Customs Notice on the 22nd of October, 2020 which aims to facilitate customs procedures. It aims to regulate the free zone business activities in regards to goods that are consumed or used therein.…

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