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Abu Dhabi Construction Regulation Update to Bring Substantial Changes

Abu Dhabi Construction Regulation Update to Bring Substantial Changes


Abu Dhabi is the capital state of the UAE, and it is also the largest Emirate by a considerable margin. It may not have the same name and global recognition as Dubai, though it is still wealthiest state and one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The land area is also the most substantial by a vast margin as it makes up almost 90% of the entire nation.

Such a considerable land size gives the capitol a substantial area in which to expand and develop. Real estate is one front which can see significant growth and change. Urban development is considerable, and the legislations concerning it are ever-growing and improving.

The DPM (Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities) was formed in 2018 by Law Number 5 of 2018 and is responsible for the urban development of the Emirate. Recently, new changes have arisen which look to propel Abu Dhabi in a direction which seeks to reduce construction costs for landowners. The introductions are summarized below.

Reducing Costs

The purpose of the new regulation changes is to reduce the construction costs for landowners. There are many benefits to this from both the perspective of the owners and also any potential leasers and individuals looking to purchase a property. The reduction in costs comes as a result of the following changes to regulations on property building.

There are specific minimum requirements within the likes of a villa, such as minimum room sizes and certain types of rooms being a requirement in a property. One change though, states that a hallway will no longer make up part of the requirements. This change allows for the saving of space. There is also a more significant deal of freedom with regards to room sizes. The minimum values have received a reduction, allowing for greater flexibility.

This summary covers just a few of the changes, though the premise is that there should be greater freedom for the owners to build properties as they require or want.