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Rent defaulter can be evicted without notice – Abu Dhabi

Rent defaulter can be evicted without notice – Abu Dhabi

As per the new resolution issued by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, landlords in Abu Dhabi have been granted the liberty to directly approach the enforcement department in cases of unpaid rent or regarding the eviction of a tenant.

This new addition to the rental regulation of Abu Dhabi grants the authority to those landlords who are facing issues with their tenants to evict their tenants within two days without needing to issue a legal notice. 

Now the rental contracts which are registered with the Abu Dhabi Municipality hold the status of ‘Executory Instruments’ which will enable the rental dispute committee to grant permission to landlords to directly refer to enforcement agents and take the relevant action. 

This new decision will only apply to those properties with lease contracts which are registered with the Department of Municipality in Abu Dhabi, whereas the rental committee will have to decide on the dispute within two days or a maximum of 3 weeks. The motive of passing this resolution was to fasten the process of decision-making regarding conflicts that arise between landlords and tenants, especially when the matters are not complicated and are straightforward.

A one of a kind decision has its main motive in creating an attractive environment for real estate in Abu Dhabi, and also enhancing the confidence of real estate owners and tenants through a fair and efficient litigation mechanism which shall be economical as well as will ensure a faster process of resolving disputes. 

This new decision will apply to all rental disputes whereas while filing a complaint a copy of the lease contract should be attached. This decision is targeting the encouragement parties to abide by the process of registration and also decrease the partitioning of houses in illegal manners.