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Emirates Medical Tourism

Emirates Medical Tourism E-Portal Introduction


Medical tourism is an industry which has seen substantial growth in recent years. Often times, to get the best or fastest medical attention, there will be options available in foreign nations. Certain countries have developed their medical industries in such ways that attract foreigners, this has been done in a variety of ways. Ensuring an enhanced quality of medical treatment, short wait times for matters concerning transplant and surgery, as well as providing reasonable cost of treatment, have all served as mechanisms for attracting foreigners.

The UAE has developed its medical field by giving rise to high-quality facilities with knowledgeable professionals. While it is not among the very top countries in terms of medical tourism, it is a fast-rising nation with world-class facilities none-the-less.

The UAE E-Portal

Considering the medical tourism position the UAE holds, The Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DOH) along with the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) have introduced the E-portal, which contains information regarding all medical facilities and healthcare available within the nation.

The hope is that this will provide more information and confidence to potential medical tourists as the facilities and information will be transparently and readily available. Additionally, the portal will also allow for other aspects of the UAE’s medical landscape to surface. While in the past, people may simply have visited the country for a single procedure or minimal healthcare, the doors are now open for them to explore further possibilities.

All around, this is a positive move which looks to expand the industry and propel the UAE to the very top of the global Medical Tourism list.