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Employment Of The UAE Nationals In The Private Sector

Employment Of The UAE Nationals In The Private Sector

Emiratization is one of the most important national matters to UAE rulers and the Emirati pioneer people, respectively Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization issued a new decree. Managing the employment and termination of UAE nationals in the private sector as well as creating an efficient platform to enhance Emiratization. It further identified the procedures and steps to follow upon any employment of UAE nationals in the private sector.

Such a decision will support implementing the efforts preserved by the Ministry in the foregoing years to enhance the employment of UAE nationals in the private sector. It will additionally promote the creation and training of qualified national cadres capable of taking the lead in the overall development of a sustainable economy.

Moreover, the decision clearly drew the conditions of terminating a UAE national. Thus private sector employers now are compulsory to submit an “exit interview” at the expiration of employment or termination of a working relationship.

Termination of UAE national employment relationship could happen due to many reasons as expiration of the contractual period or amicably termination by both parties, however in all cases, employers must procure that insureds (the UAE national employees) are fully paid to the pension and social security scheme required by the legal systems at the Ministry in favor of the UAE national.

We further prefer to draw attention to the unlawful UAE national termination; such as if its proved that the employer has maintained a non-national employee to perform the same work of the UAE national employee, or if it has been proved that termination was for the purpose of hiring a non-national without any justification acceptable to the Ministry.

As a consequence, the Ministry will suspend the employer issuing new work permits for a period not exceeding 6 months.