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Kuwait Private Sector Annual Leave to be Increased

Kuwait Private Sector Annual Leave to be Increased


Annual leave is a crucial aspect of the labor law in any nation, and there is usually a set amount that is consistent across all companies. It is essential for the legislation to specify this as leave is very important to the employees.

Leave is a necessary part of employment, and all employees are within their rights to receive a certain amount paid leave to take a break from their usual job.

In Kuwait, the usual amount of leave before the introduction of the future regulation amendment was 30 days per years in the private sector. The importance of this information cannot be understated as it may be crucial in calculating gratuity and ensuring the records are maintained.

What the Changes Entail

The new regulation looks to increase the total leave from 30 days to 35 in the private sector; this does not include Fridays, as Friday is a non-working day for all in the country and therefore cannot detract from ones leave. The new amendment will apply to both expatriate and local individuals who reside and work in the country from the time the law is initiated.

This leave is not the only change that will be arriving as part of the amendments to the labor law, though the increase to the annual leave has been approved of by the National Assembly’s Health and Health and Social Affairs Committee.

The amount of time available to employees was increased to 30 days several years ago, and it is now deemed fit to expand this further.