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Oman Ban on Door to Door Sales and Services

Oman Ban on Door to Door Sales and Services


Selling products on a door to door basis is a tactic that certain businesses use to spread the word on their services or products, or it may be used in the case of certain smaller business entities that work in a localized area and function on a small scale.

While this practice is permitted in many jurisdictions around the world, there are recognized issues with it. The idea of disturbance in residential areas, as well as, the security concerns that come with selling to uninformed consumers, is a crucial reason for the reservations that may exist in the law; though a complete ban of the practice is not always adopted.

Oman has recently introduced a new regulation which looks to ban the practice of door to door sales when these occur in residential areas.

PACP Decision 10 of 2019

The Oman Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has recently issued Decision Number 10 of 2019. which places a ban upon visiting homes and residences to make sales, without the consent of the potential customers visited.

Any entities that continue to sell in this way will face fines which will range from OMR 200 to OMR 1,000. The hope is that this move will lead to a fairer overall business environment, while also providing consumers with a higher level of security which is absent in door to door sales.

Overall, the wellbeing and protection of customers is the primary goal here, and the law will be good news for many of them.