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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
02 Feb 2020

CCTV - Invasion to Privacy in the GCC

CCTV & Invasion to Privacy in the GCC The world in this millennium is techno-dependent for almost every aspect of life whether its payment of debts through credit card, entering into contracts by parties distant through online, i.e. e-contracts, e-booking of railway or air tickets and even social networking platforms.…

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banking lawyers in Dubai
10 Nov 2019

Omani Banking Regulations

Omani  Banking Regulations The banking business is an extremely vital activity in any economy and banks have a primary and synergist task to carry out. The behaviour of the banking and finance industry is dependent on the investors' trust, and trust will be rested and held by how banks work…

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Property Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
30 Oct 2019

Patent Infringement Global Perspective

Patent Infringement: A Global Perspective Ideas and innovation are the cornerstones of any successful corporation. Given that modernisation and globalisation has had a significant impact on corporations, it is only fair that the ideas defining these businesses are given protection from being misused, manipulated or stolen. Stolen ideas is a…

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taxation lawyers in UAE
27 Jun 2019

Tax Regulation in the GCC

Guide on Tax Regulation in the GCC Introduction: Gulf co-operation council is the abbreviated form of GCC. It came into force in 1981.   It is the union of all Arab state except Iraq and UAE is one of its member states. Saudi Arabia has head first a proposal to make…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
03 Jan 2019

Counter-Terrorism Efforts

A Global Purview of Counter-Terrorism Efforts With nearly 41% of all terrorist attacks resulting in casualty, and a dramatic increase in public targeted incidents, governing bodies representing both domestic and international interests alike have invested countless resources into better understanding why terrorism occurs, and how legislatively, it can be stopped.…

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Healthcare lawyers in UAE
05 Nov 2018

Врачебная халатность в странах залива.

Врачебная халатность в странах залива.  Виллес Дж.: «Халатность - это негативное слово. Это отсутствие заботы, умения и усердия, поскольку привлечение к выполнению работы всегда считалось обязанностью человека.»   Вступление. Работа в медицине является одной из самых престижных и уважаемых профессий. Отношения между пациентом и врачом основаны на доверии и вере. Джордж Бернард Шоу сказал: «Мы не…

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arbitration lawyers in Dubai
05 Nov 2018

Срочные меры и ускоренные разбирательства в арбитражном суде.

Срочные меры и ускоренные разбирательства в арбитражном суде. Вступление. На выполнение трудных задач практически всегда не хватает времени. Особенно,когда сроки уже подходят к концу, а цели еще не достигнуты – это еще больше разочаровывает.  Такие же ситуации встречаются в моменты судебных разбирательств. Дела, представленные в суд, часто бывают сложными, поскольку…

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consumer protection laws in UAE
03 Nov 2018

Oman Consumer Protection Law

Oman Consumer Protection Law “Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer but is the incentive to progress” – Herbert Hoover Introduction Consumer protection is a vital part of a healthy economy. Every country has its regulations in place to ensure the consumers are treated fairly and…

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