Закон Категории дневника



Published on : 27 Mar 2015
Author(s):USER Webchannel

Despite the fact that the Arabic world marks Al-Hijra at the start of Muharram (the first month in the lunar Islamic calendar) and the Chinese community celebrate the “Spring Festival” at the turn of the Chinese lunisolar year in late January/early February, the Gregorian calendar’s New Year marks a new beginning for millions of individuals across the globe. The way in which we celebrate this varies from place to place – in parts of South America, the colour of one’s clothing is said to symbolize hopes and desires for the year to come (red for love, yellow for wealth), whereas in Spain it is believed that consumption of grapes on the strike of midnight will bring prosperity over the coming twelve month. The same may be said of wearing polka dots in the Philippines, and burning torches and fireballs are believed to drive out the impurities of the dying year at the Scottish festival Hogmanay. However the underlying principle is the same – it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Yet some things never change. Like your trusty, innovative and high-quality legal publication, Court Uncourt. Marking the New Year with a new volume, we at STA promise to continue in our efforts to bring you the latest legal news with our trademark bespoke twist.

We wish you a blessed New Year and an enjoyable read.