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Oman lies at the border of the Arabian Sea, and shares land borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The country is strategically located on the Musandam Peninsula which has enabled the prosperity of its population for thousands of years. The country’s heritage, rich traditions and diverse cultures have attracted an increasing number of foreign investors seeking to benefit from the prime trade location and expanding domestic economy the country offers. With a coastline of over 1,700 km the state of Oman enjoys the status of a marine country and its strategic geographical standing between the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean gives it control over one of the most vital marine trade routes in the world.

The Sultanate is considered the gateway to the Arabian Gulf, facilitating a meeting place between the Asian and African continents, whilst carving the way for a flourishing range of business opportunities. Oman’s role in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and international markets serve as platforms for investors to enter the Asian and African markets. The country is steadily participating in development plans focusing on privatization, industrialisation and diversification in the region. The government of Oman offers attractive incentives and a liberal approach, encouraging both local as well as foreign business investment and development.

The people of Oman are reputed for their generosity and tolerance, as well as hospitality towards foreigners, encouraging them to set up business and invest in foreign trade in the area. The culture of Oman in its entirety emphasises building strong bonds and forming relationships on both social and professional platforms.

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