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Dubai issues new Law on the Rights of People of Determination

Dubai issues new Law on the Rights of People of Determination

Dubai has published Law Number (3) of 2022 on the rights of people with disabilities. This legislation aims to ensure the integration of determined persons into society and their full participation in all aspects of life. The Law establishes the rights of People of Determination and the services that appropriate institutions should provide. These include inclusive education at all levels, rehabilitation, inclusive career possibilities in all industries, healthcare, therapeutic, and social services, and access to all services such as religious, police, and legal services. Relevant entities should also provide People of Determination access to data and information via different channels and information about their legal rights. The Law also intends to guarantee that People of Determination have access to banking services and may engage in various sports and entertainment programs, among other things.

A permanent body will be constituted called the "Higher Committee to Protect the Rights of People of Determination," which will include members from relevant entities and people of determination. The Committee is in charge of overseeing all matters pertaining to persons of determination in Dubai and executing policies, strategies, and activities geared at preserving their rights. It is also charged with drafting legislation to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and to integrate them into society.

Furthermore, the Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai is tasked with building a mechanism that would allow persons with disabilities and their guardians to report any abuses of their rights. A person with a disability, his or her guardian, or anybody who sees a violation of rights or abuse of individuals with disabilities is required by law to report the occurrence to the appropriate authorities. The CDA is in charge of granting identity cards to those with disabilities who are registered in Dubai. The identity cards will allow persons with impairments to get access to places and services that have been designated for them.

Infringers of the new legislation will face sanctions outlined in the Executive Regulation of the Law. Fines will be increased if an infraction is committed again within a year after the first, up to a maximum of AED100,000.

The Dubai Statistics Centre has been charged with developing a database of individuals with disabilities in Dubai that will be used as a reference by decision makers for strategic planning and government policy creation on issues affecting people with determination.

The new Law supersedes Law Number (2) of 2012 on the Protection of the Rights of Disabled People in the Emirate of Dubai. It also nullifies any other legislation that may be in conflict with it. The newly enacted Law takes effect on the date it is published in the Official Gazette.