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UK Law Press Freedom

UK Law Concerning Press Freedom


The press plays a significant and vital role within every country by the delivery of relevant news and information to the general public, and also by performing research in critical matters. The media thus conducts the activity of bringing activities and reports to the forefront that would otherwise go unnoticed and uninvestigated.

Performing activities such as these can, on occasion, give rise to concerns on the part of the reporters with regards to their rights and freedoms; this is an issue that the law is always trying to solve due to the importance of freedom of the press.

The News Media Association (NMA) is one of the crucial entities that is looking out for and fighting for the rights of press freedom; and recently, a new bill has received significant backing to improve the overall conditions further.

The Bill

The NMA has led a campaign seeking to provide further protection in the areas releasing to counter-terrorism and border security matters covered in the similarly named Bill.

This Bill looks set to change this and be more open to journalists in these areas by allowing them to travel to locations that the UK considers to be and has designated as terrorist threats to the nation, and also by enabling them to freely perform research into these areas. These would otherwise be highly suspected in the country and potentially punishable under the law.