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Libya Unlawfully Detains 500 Migrants in A Raid Operation in Tripoli

Libya Unlawfully Detains 500 Migrants in A Raid Operation in Tripoli

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), an independent humanitarian organization working in Libya, expressed alarm over Libyan authorities' widespread arrests and imprisonment of over 500 migrants in Tripoli.

Security troops in Gargaresh, Tripoli, have carried out a significant operation against criminals, booze and drug sellers, and illegal persons, according to Libya's Interior Ministry. According to the NRC, complaints have been received of migrants, especially women and children, being picked up, unjustly imprisoned, and subjected to torture and ill-treatment.

Many migrants, particularly in Libya's Gargaresh area, seek to transit through the nation and across the Mediterranean in search of a better life in Europe. Several migrants are still being kept in detention centers run by the state's Directorate of Combating Illegal Migration.

According to a statement released by the UN Support Mission in Libya, one migrant was murdered and at least 15 others were injured, with at least six of them critically injured. It further stated that communication lines had been shut off to prevent migrants from obtaining information and seeking help.

Finally, the United Nations has requested Libyan authorities to look into claims of deadly and disproportionate force being used against migrants and has reminded them to "respect at all times the human rights and dignity of all people, including migrants and asylum seekers."



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