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New Zealand Legislation De-Radicalise Terrorists

New Zealand: New Legislation to De-Radicalise Terrorists

The government of New Zealand has decided to take a stand against terrorism. The new bill submitted to Parliament aims to de-radicalise terrorists or potential terrorists by allowing police forces of New Zealand to apply to the High Court to impose control orders on New Zealanders who are involved in overseas activities related to terrorism.

It is speculated that the introduction of this bill, which will be heard for the first time in Parliament next week, is due to the recent events relating to Mark Taylor, a New Zealand citizen who had become a jihadi and had been imprisoned in Syria for several months. Whether Taylor returns to New Zealnd, the government has not stated.

However, the recent withdrawal of U.S troops from Syria culminated in the release of many of the prisoners. This means that Taylor might be able to return to New Zealand, it might be this return that has launched the Government to take responsible actions and create a strong stance against terrorism.

Andrew Geddis, professor at Otago University Law has said that the current laws regarding terrorism and the prosecution of such is out-dated and messy. The introduction of this legislation is a progressive step towards dealing and eliminating terrorism.

Justice Minister Andrew Little said that only a very small number of people would be subject to a control order under the bill. A control order would be issued only if criminal prosecution is not possible, the control order then becomes the only mean to manage the risk that the suspect might possess.