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Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council has agreed to amend the Anti-Bribery Law

Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council has agreed to amend the Anti-Bribery Law

Law firms in DubaiThe aim of the amendments is at protecting public utilities from corruption by all means as well as the achievement of sound procedures in combating and investigating bribery cases and putting suspects on trial. The amendments are also aimed at tackling bribery to consolidate the concept of inviolability of job and protect it from violations by applying to most severe penalties, including material and proper punitive measures.

One of the most principle new articles brought into practice is that the provisions of the law "are now applicable to employees of private companies and institutions within the Kingdom." Another Article added to the legislation states the criminal investigation officers may, in circumstances where there is suspicion regarding the integrity of the employee, take the necessary action to incriminate him. This amendment comes due to a need to reduce the growing phenomenon of administrative corruption, favoritism and social relations at the expense of efficiency, and reduce exploitation of the job for illegal gains.

The amendments and the law seek to highlight the provisions of the United Nations Convention against corruption, such documents are the singular legally binding universal anti-corruption instrument. Another objective of the amendments is to enhance the efficiency of administrative bodies and activating economic and social development programs.