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Sharjah announces a digital rent contract for tenants

Sharjah announces a digital rent contract for tenants

Tenants' procedures for moving in will be streamlined by a new Sharjah-based service. The service was made public during Gitex by the Sharjah Digital Office, where the users can move in without having to physically go to different offices to finish the formalities.

The service, which was first offered in Sharjah, enables the landlord and tenant to digitally sign and attest their rental agreement and open the associated SEWA account through a unified digital user interface. All types of rental agreements are covered by the service, which is currently available on the Digital Sharjah website and the app under "coming soon. "In order to make the move-in process easier, it provides automatic document validation. Integration with the UAE Pass enables user authentication, and landlords can save their property details for re-leasing on the platform. Additionally, the service uses its integration with the Real Estate Department to verify property ownership.