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UAE Ban on E-Cigarettes

UAE Ban on E-Cigarettes to be Overturned Soon


Smoking is a habit that is harmful and has adverse effects in the short term and also the long run. However, it is still a legal practice. It has become more popular to use e-cigarettes in recent years as they are often seen as safer being and cleaner than ordinary cigarettes.

These battery powered devices are, at this point, banned in the UAE since they often, though not always, contain nicotine and having not been approved of by the authorities, cannot be sold within the country.

However, while this may be the case at this time, the popularity of devices such as e-cigarettes, vapes, and similar such products, cannot be denied. As their appeal grows, they are becoming more regulated and even at this time, many people do use them within the country. So while banned, they are not of great concern due to their comparatively harmless nature compared to ordinary cigarettes.

Ban Overrule

Considering the nature of these devices, the UAE authorities have decided to reverse the ban on them. Being relatively new devices, having been invented in the early 2000s, the UAE initially placed the ban in a protective manner and in an attempt to prevent rising addiction and similar issues.

However, they are now generally seen as safer than cigarettes, and there are even forms which do not contain nicotine. As such, the reversal of the ban will soon occur. The devices that are permitted must be approved of by the UAE authorities.

This change will come into effect around the middle of April 2019, which is good news for people from foreign countries who enjoy the practice of smoking electronic cigarettes as well of those who do so currently without being aware of the ban.