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UAE Implements Up to Dh500,000 Fine for Unlawful Fundraising

UAE Implements Up to Dh500,000 Fine for Unlawful Fundraising

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented regulations governing charitable fundraising within the country, stipulating fines ranging from Dh200,000 to Dh500,000 for individuals or entities unlawfully soliciting donations.

In a social media announcement on Tuesday, the Public Prosecution cautioned against soliciting donations without proper authorization. Individuals found guilty of utilizing websites, IT infrastructure, or electronic platforms to solicit donations without the necessary permits from relevant authorities may face fines and/or imprisonment.

Under Article 46 of Federal Decree Law No. 34 of 2021 concerning combatting rumors or cybercrimes, licensed entities are prohibited from disseminating, broadcasting, or promoting fundraising materials or advertisements without approval from designated authorities.

According to the law, there exist two categories of charitable entities: licensed entities established by laws, decisions, or decrees to collect, provide, and receive donations, and entities authorized to obtain permits for fundraising through listed charitable organizations in the UAE.

Those found culpable may be subject to imprisonment and fined no less than Dh200,000 and no more than Dh500,000, or may face either of these penalties.