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UAE-Israel agreement to promote cancer, and diabetes research

UAE-Israel agreement to promote cancer, and diabetes research

Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi (KSM), the research and development centre of Israel's Maccabi Healthcare Services, and UAE health organizations have signed a series of key strategic agreements to promote joint medical research and technological innovation. This is the first agreement that SEHA has endorsed with an Israeli organization. The SEHA-KSM partnership will likewise uphold the Emirate's objective of building a genomic research registry to upgrade clinical data, sample collection, and clinical reporting. The agreements focus on advancing medical research that consolidates enormous data capabilities and genetic and clinical research with the objective of advancing personalized medicine while emphasizing medical innovation and the foundation of a regional ecosystem that will support joint research activities. Studies will be led on cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more.

This association upholds SEHA's vision and goals of investigating coordinated efforts in other areas that encourage cooperation in education, research, health technology, and clinical programs. We anticipate an effective organization and a successful partnership and extending this program to our facilities and distinguished practitioners. A joint study with G42 Health [AG2] is likewise currently in progress to examine the medical consequences of a lack of vitamin D. More than one billion individuals worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and the condition is common all throughout the Middle East. The joint review will examine the influences of genetics on vitamin D metabolism that affects vitamin D status in both Israeli and Emirati populations to all the more likely risk factors for the deficiency.

This further develops on the current, a first of its kind, genetic research which aims to facilitate a preventative pharmacogenomics strategy for individuals in light of understanding the genetic landscape of vitamin D deficiency in UAE and Israel. The agreements with Abu Dhabi come closely following KSM's new joint effort with  Bahrain's Ministry of Health.