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UAE-US Mars missions to team up for more scientific returns

UAE-US Mars missions to team up for more scientific returns

The UAE and the US Mars missions team up on working on the science data analysis prompting the greater scientific partnership and data exchange between the two missions. The Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) which is the primary interplanetary exploration embraced by an Arab nation, has finalized a science data analysis collaboration initiative with NASA’s MAVEN Mars Mission upgrading logical get back from both spacecraft that are presently orbiting the Red Planet. The partnership empowers the sharing and analysis of data and perceptions made by the Emirates Mars Mission’s (EMM) Hope Probe and NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) project. The plan is supposed to enhance both EMM and MAVEN and the global scientific communities examining the data the missions are gathering.

EMM science to enrich MAVEN

Shannon Curry, a Research scientist in planetary sciences at the University of California, Berkeley and MAVEN Principal Investigator opined that the consolidated, we will have vastly improved comprehension coupling between the two and the impact of the lower atmosphere on escape to space of gas from the upper atmosphere. The EMM’s Hope Probe, which entered the Martian orbit on February 9, 2021, is concentrating on the connection between the upper layer and lower regions of the Martian atmosphere. It provides the global science community full admittance to an encompassing perspective on the planet’s atmosphere at various times of the day, through various seasons.

The chance to work close by different Mars missions and derive greater insights by sharing our perceptions and cooperating to fit together the pieces of the puzzle is one we are delighted to take. The complementarity of EMM and MAVEN implies we can truly gain a bigger picture together said Omran Sharaf project director of Emirates Mars Mission. MAVEN completed its Mars orbit insertion in 2014. Its mission is to explore the upper atmosphere and ionosphere of Mars, offering an understanding of how the planet’s climate has changed over time. Sharaf further says that presently, by consolidating the two datasets from the EMM and MAVEN missions and analyzing the results together, we are able to assemble a powerful response to many fundamental questions we’ve got about Mars and the evolution and dynamics of its atmosphere.