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A strategy to Saudise 23,000 positions within the transport and logistics sector is underway

A strategy to Saudise 23,000 positions within the transport and logistics sector is underway

In pursuit of bolstering employment opportunities for Saudi citizens, the Saudi government has embarked on an initiative aimed at generating 23,000 jobs within the transport and logistics sector. Assistant Minister of Transport and Logistics Services, Ahmed Al Hassan, disclosed that the ministry's initiative targets the localization of 10,000 positions in heavy transport, 3,000 in passenger transportation, and an additional 10,000 in air transport.

Aligned with its commitment to "Saudisation," a labor policy aimed at increasing employment opportunities for Saudi nationals, the Saudi government has implemented various measures. In December, labor authorities announced the localization of sales, purchases, and project management roles, initially targeting a 15% Saudization rate in sales professions. The Ministry of Human Resources has extended support to private sector institutions through incentives and programs facilitating the recruitment and training of Saudi employees.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health unveiled plans in September to localize the dental profession, with an initial target of achieving a 35% Saudization rate by March. The ministry is actively monitoring the implementation of this decision to enhance Saudi citizens' participation in the labor market.

Additionally, ministerial decrees issued in mid-2022 have restricted certain job sectors exclusively to Saudi citizens, including optics, customer services, licensed aviation professions, sales outlets, and car periodic checks. These measures underscore the government's dedication to prioritizing employment opportunities for Saudi nationals across various sectors.