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An initiative by DP World

An initiative by DP World

DP World i.e. the Dubai Ports World recently confirmed that the Government of Djibouti has taken an action for motivating the country’s apex court to disregard the previous rulings which are internationally recognised on the Durale Container Terminal SA (DCT). This move is considered to be violation of the international judicial system.  It is also evidenced that this initiative has called into the loop of question of any foreign investments in the economy currently as well as in the future. It is pertinent to note that since past three years, there were five successful ruling against Djibouti which were awarded by the London Court of International Arbitration (the LCIA) and the High Court of England and Wales.

DCT and DP World have continued to uphold their legal rights in varied international legal environments. It was only early this year that Djibouti terminated it agreement with DP World to operate DCT. This was followed by an internal dispute that arose between both the parties.

DP World has held this decision for the disregard of the precedents of the apex court to be null and void. DP World has issued previous notices confirming the validity of the Concession Agreement entered into in 2006 intimating others against the interference with the concessionary rights.