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Kuwait Amendments to Child Protection Regulations

Kuwait Amendments to Child Protection Regulations


Child protection is a critical aspect of the law, and it requires serious thought and consideration. Being unable to act for themselves legally, they need protection and rights through legislation.

Kuwait has its regulations on the matter, and the punishments are severe as expected. Crimes of this nature are unacceptable around the world and thus of great significance. However, there have recently been certain amendments which have added to and adjusted certain penalties of the preexisting law. The changes are as follows.


The general direction the amendments have gone is towards tightening the restrictions and increased the penalties in place for the different elements discussed in the law.

The names and identities of any children who have experienced sexual abuse are prohibited from being disclosed to ensure their safety and protect their futures. Beyond this, capital punishment is imposed on any found guilty of such acts.

On top of this, any individuals found to have produced, exported or presented any sexual content containing minors will face imprisonment for a minimum of ten years to a 15-year maximum.

The nation has recognized the paramount importance of child protection and has taken every step to ensure they receive protection.