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Expat women cannot own property in Kuwait

Expat women cannot own property in Kuwait.

One of the reasons for the development of the Middle East economy includes the participation of the expats in the region. The GCC countries welcome the expats and provide them with the facility to work, live, and enjoy the public benefits. However, the countries have its own rules and policies implemented in relation to some rights these expats can have. In that way, the owning of the real estate in Kuwait is only for Kuwait nationals. The expats who work or reside in Kuwait has no right to own a property in the country. The law explicitly prohibits the non-Kuwaiti from owning a real estate property.

The interesting case came to an end recently where the rule of whether the women can own a real estate property in Kuwait was established. The facts include a woman claiming for the ownership in a house as she is entitled under article 262 of the civil law to recover the expenses she has made to help another person become rich. She eventually helped one of her family member who was a Kuwaiti national with the development of the house.

Later, she claimed ownership in this house she has half ownership due to the lending money for her family member. There are many claims raised in front of the courts using the above-mentioned article for commercial reasons. The court had to consider both the facts and laws on the matter. The facts include the evidence that the family member had taken a loan. The courts considered the constitutional rules of prohibiting non-Kuwaiti nationals from owning the properties.

However, there are numerous occasions reported where Kuwait has considered providing the facility of owning properties for the expats under strict conditions. Recently, there was a proposal handover by the cabinet’s economic affairs including a proposal for the same. The development can impact the real estate market and eventually support the national economy source. Nevertheless, owning a property will not provide the expat with the right to become a citizen in the country. However, these suggestions are still at the proposal level and there are developments to be expected.