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Dubai Land Department Launches Munaqasat Service

Dubai Land Department Launches Munaqasat Service

Dubai's land department has reported it has sent off a new Munaqasat administration to further develop transparency in the sector and guarantee top-quality administrations at competitive costs. It will be accessible through the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and will manage tendering processes for all matters connected with administrations and maintenance for jointly owned properties. It will facilitate and improve the tender process and lay out a direct link between jointly owned property companies and service providers. Jointly owned properties should submit all tenders through the assistance following the submission of their 2024 budgets which should be put together by October 2023. An expert technical team will then submit tasks, evaluate firms, and give proposals. A finance group will then, review the technical perspectives and set prices for each necessary service.

The average of the technical and financial scores decides the tender selection. Tenders will then be started, permitting service providers to take part in the new service. They can register as suppliers, which will give them access to all applicable tenders in light of their registered activities.

Additional features will be added by 2024 that will permit property owners to assess the performance of service providers. Owners committee will likewise have access to view presented tenders, which will further develop transparency and engage the real estate sector. in the land area.It has been sent off in accordance with Dubai's digital strategy.