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Dubai Law Number 8 of 2018 – New HR Regulations

Dubai Law Number 8 of 2018 – New HR Regulations



Work-life balance is a profoundly serious concept as it ensures a well-rounded life and the best possible lifestyle for an individual. With the idea of happiness being of such importance within the UAE, it would make sense to push companies to provide the most exceptional support and most comfortable workplace to their employees.

The recent Dubai Law Number 8 of 2018 looks to deal with just this topic, and provide government employees with higher levels of support, and the hope is that this will allow for them to better perform their work in a more supported and comfortable state.

Law Number 8 of 2018

This new legislation provides specific guidelines and changes that government entities must abide by an HR stance. The changes include the following.

There is a renewed focus on Emiratisation, learning, and development of the employees. The changes are in line with the future visions for the Emirate of Dubai and also the country as a whole. Expected to be implemented in its entirety by the year of 2019 Dubai government employees will be entitled to:

  1. The option to work remotely from their office, if possible;
  2. Allowance for employees to apply for internal promotions if positions are vacant;
  3. Increased annual leave from 22 to 25 days for Grade 8-11 employees, and Grade 7 and below also receive an increase from 15 to 18 days;
  4. 5 days paid leave granted to those preparing for research, projects or similar such external tasks;
  5. The right to overtime payment, so long as there is an approval from the appropriate manager.
  6. There may be further annual leave increases, and opportunities for individuals of determination should their afflictions demand it.

These are some of the basic concepts added. The new regulation is relatively lengthy with around 141 clauses, and the increased flexibility and support will allow for a happier work environment with more motivated employees.