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Dubai New Plan Concerning Future of Emiratisation

Dubai New Plan Concerning Future of Emiratisation


The UAE and the Middle East, in general, have one area that they share in common and it also differentiates them from a considerable proportion of the rest of the world. They have gained significant international traction and made their names in only the last few decades from an economic and business standpoint. This fact has resulted in a considerable number of people setting up businesses and coming to work from abroad.

The UAE specifically, has an expat population of close to 8 million. Expatriates make up over 80% of the entire nation. To live in the country as an expat, one must obtain a visa through a job or company. This case means that millions of posts are covered by foreign individuals, which raises questions for the Emirati nationals.

To ensure that the people of the country benefit from the global interest and business, the concept of Emiratisation arose. This rise has occurred in recent years to ensure the locals can find jobs. However, the idea is still evolving, and new introductions are being regularly made. The most recent of these in Dubai, and is summarised as follows.

Pursuit of Emiratisation

While Emiratisation currently gives businesses goals and requires specific amounts of Emirati personal within each company, more steps must be taken. To ensure the people of the country are employed, processes and initiatives must exist at all levels. Dubai has recognised this in its recently announced plan.

Education and training will soon come into effect, which will more greatly prepare the people of the country for different types of jobs across a multitude of industries. The hope is that this will ensure all working-age Emiratis can meet the standards now expected in the bustling city of Dubai.

There will also arise further incentives to private sector entities which will make Emirati employment more attractive than ever before. There is no date for the introduction of these plans yet, though it will likely come into effect soon.