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Egypt: Draft Data Protection Law Approved

Egypt: Draft Data Protection Law Approved



Individuals have a right to obtain their personal data and reuse it as they see fit. On October 30, 2017, 60 Parliament MPs in Egypt submitted a proposal to the Egyptian Parliament to adopt a new law regarding protecting personal data, as previously Egypt did not have any safeguarding legislation on the matter. Following this, the Egyptian parliament proposed a new draft law on data protection.

The cabinet in Egypt has already approved this draft law on personal data protection. The rule applies to the people of Egypt (Egyptian Nationals) both inside and outside of the country. The law imposes various types of obligations on the controllers and processors of personal data and how they are entitled to handle this personal information. The law's provisions ensure the rights of the citizens regarding the protection of their data. The draft law establishes a committee to protect the personal data of the people of Egypt.

What does the Draft Propose?

Under the new proposed law, the personal data of people cannot be collected or disclosed by any means except with the consent of the person they concern. The appropriate person will possess the right to access and obtain their data. As per this new law, if any person violates this law and discloses its contents without the consent of the relevant person, it will lead to an imprisonment of one year and fine of between 100,000 to 1,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.

As per the new law, a Centre for Personal Data Protection in the Information Technology Industry Development Agency will be established, and a Ministerial Decision will appoint all the employees here following a proposal from a competent minister. It is the center who will make and formulate various policies, regulations and plans to protect the data and ensure the people of Egypt have their right of privacy and protect their data from any other means or person.