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European Union: Modernization of Justice Systems

European Union: Modernization of Justice Systems

The European Commission is taking steps to modernize the justice system through digitalization thereof. As per the objectives of the Commission Work Program 2021 the EC aims to adopt the following as part of their 2021 initiative:

  1. Judicial Cooperation

The Commission proposes to transform the European Union into a civil and criminal instrument of cooperation. The recommendations include making changes in procedures related to European Small Claims and provisions related to arrests and warrants. The main aim of this recommendation is facilitate digital communication between relevant authorities. Further, it also aims to create a system that will allow individuals and businesses to file claims and communicate with authorities via digital platforms. Introduction of the aforementioned does not however denote that communication through traditional means will become redundant.

  1. Exchange of information in case of terrorist activities

The recommendations of the Commission include initiatives that would facilitate cross border exchange of information in case of potential or ongoing threats to national safety and security. It aims to strengthen the role of counter terrorism platforms by efficiently exchanging information while adhering to the relevant data protection rules and standards.

  1. Common platforms for investigation

The proposals also include the creation of a collaborative platform for the purpose of investigation, the establishment of a common platform that would facilitate exchange of information through a secure communication channel. This platform would therefore serve as a supporting tool for the Joint Investigation Teams (JIT) and allow digital participation for communication thereof.

  1. New case management systems

Keeping in mind the limited functionality of the CMS, the Commission has recommended reforms for the registration, handling and recording of cases, digitalization of the CMS will ensure efficiency in cross border judicial cooperation.

This initiative taken by the Commission aims to encourage participation of all EU partner countries in order to create a cohesive and sustainable justice system by taking a problem solving approach and contributing to the creation of a strong democratic framework.